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Need a website or online store that is ready for the future? With AI-boosted support, Metaverse offerings and powerful eCommerce solutions, all at an affordable price, Dream Factory brings your business dreams to life.

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A powerful eCommerce experience made easy.

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Learn about Ucraft Next

Build your website

From landing page to ecommerce, build your digital presence the way you want! Add products, track orders, and get actionable, real-time insights from a single dashboard. Ucraft makes the backend easy, so you can focus on building your business.

All the business tools you need

Get marketer tools and powerful integrations to generate traffic and convert visitors. With Ucraft’s dynamic and robust eCommerce, marketing, and design tools, you can gain the visibility to get new users, and create a loyal customer base.

Sell anything to anyone

From physical products to digital goods to event tickets, restaurant table reservations, hotel room bookings, and much more, you can sell any item or service with our customizable visual editor.

Your eCommerce on Blockchain

Step into the future of commerce with Web3, where blockchain technology revolutionizes online business. Experience unparalleled security, transparency, and efficiency, propelling your business into a new era of innovation.

Elevating customer support through AI-powered assistance.

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Learn about Hoory

AI-Powered support that never sleeps

Give your customers the support they deserve. Train Hoory to automatically answer detailed questions 24/7, understand complex issues, and connect customers with the support team they need.

Automate your workflow for efficient resolutions

Craft dynamic workflow parameters to quickly and effectively solve frequently asked questions, and allow collaboration through a universal ticketing and conversation inbox.

Manage your omnichannel inbox

All customer messages from every communication channel appear in one, omnichannel inbox. Consolidate messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, emails, and more in one place.

Get advanced reporting, analysis, and strategy

Hoory's insightful reports help you achieve a deeper understanding of customer behavior. You can also track team performance to enhance the efficiency of your support team.

Immersive virtual environments with purpose.

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Learn about FastexVerse

Get your very own 3D space in Fastexverse

Fastexverse is a leading marketplace offering metaverse spaces for business and individual use. Here, you have the opportunity to create your virtual room and benefit from virtual sales and interactions. Each 3D space is equipped with a variety of tools to highlight your product effectively.

Ucraft Next and Hoory integration

Dream Factory brings all your digital platforms together. When you create a project on Ucraft Next or Hoory, you can integrate your project, business, and AI-assistant within your digital space in Fastexverse.

The digital transformation of your business

Ensure the smooth digital transformation of your business. With Fastexverse you can launch your virtual space to conduct seminars, training sessions, and business meetings, showcase your products and services, and open NFT and art galleries. Each 3D space is equipped with a variety of tools to highlight your product effectively.

Level up your business with Fastexverse

Build your virtual environment with Fastexverse and reach a broader audience. Adopt the recent trends and innovations and step ahead of your competitors. Optimize your marketing and advertising efforts, explore new monetization channels, increase your sales, and level up your customer support.

Trusted by 300+ businesses across the world

Dream Factory is more than an eCommerce platform package; it’s everything you need to build a world-class online storefront, offer unparalleled and personalized support, and interact with your customers in engaging new ways.

Hasna Al Hakim

Founder of Du Kap

Your all-in-one hub for digital business success

Advanced website builder

Power your eCommerce with dynamic design tools, market specific customization, and seamless functionality, and much more that marketers need to work and thrive in modern digital business.

AI-powered customer support

Elevate your customer support with Hoory, our AI customer support assistant. Hooray goes beyond simply responding, proactively addressing diverse customer inquiries for an unparalleled customer support experience.

Claim your space in a virtual world

Step into the FastexVerse, an innovative virtual world of dreams. Your business can enjoy a personalized digital environment for interacting, engaging, and closing deals with customers around the globe in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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CRM & ERP integrations

Seamlessly manage your business operations with integrated CRM and ERP suites. From customer data to online inventory and accounting, Dream Factory centralizes all your essential business functions.

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