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Packages to get your businesses growing!

Create the custom package according to your business needs!

Choose the perfect combination of website builder, AI assistant, and metaverse room that suits your company. Or choose all three to really boost your digital presence!

Business Starter

Perfect for solo-operations, bloggers, creators, consultants, and new ecommerce storefronts.

starting from



per month

This plan includes

Up to 20 products

Supports 3 languages

Various payment methods

2000 collection items

5 collaborators in Ucraft Next

5 shared inboxes for customer support

2 AI assistants

Help center

Integrated Metaverse room

Sync between products through dashboard

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Business Advanced

Suitable for growing ecommerce platforms, enterprises, and virtual spaces for businesses.

starting from

$ 151.00


per month

This plan includes

Up to 500 products

Unlimited languages

Multi currency support, including crypto

5000 collection Items

10 Collaborators in Ucraft Next

12 shared inboxes for customer support

8 AI assistants

Help center

Integrated Metaverse room

Sync between products through dashboard

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Bundle Deals

Get better deals by adding more than one product!

Individual products are available for purchase through our dashboard. However, if you opt to acquire two or more products, a discount will be implemented on the overall price, providing a more advantageous option for users.

Learn About The Bundles

Create your own bundle!

Features to boost your business growth.

The trusted choice for startups on the rise.

Startup Plan

Number of Inbox


Number of AI Assistants



per agent/month

Main Features

Help Center

Multilingual Support

Unlimited Automations

Omni-channel Inbox

Team Managements

Reporting and Analytics


Ideal for both small startups and large customer support teams, our plans offer a win-win solution for all.

You can combine Hoory with other products to get the best digital experience.


Best for SMEs selling up to 500 products

eCommerce Growth

Number of products


Staff accounts seats


Multilingual website support



per Project/month

Main Features

Sell different products, from physical items to bookings and digital goods

Secure payment options

Multiple shipping options

Apps and add-ons

Customizable ecommerce pages

Comprehensive visual editor and customizable ecommerce pages

In-built marketing tools

24/7 support


Best for landing pages, portfolios, blogs and info sites

Landing pages, blogs and more

Number of products


Staff accounts seats


Multilingual website support



per Project/month

Main Features

Content editor

Visual editor

Ucraft Pay and cash

Local shipping

Apps and add-ons

SEO and email tools

Analytics and reports

24/7 support

Ucraft Next

Establish a robust online presence quickly, crafting anything from basic landing pages to sophisticated eCommerce stores, and launch in record time.

You can combine Ucraft Next with other products to get the best digital experience.

Virtual Space on Fastexverse

Best for businesses, e-commerce, creators and artists

Pre-designed rooms and custom spaces


per Room/month

Main Features

Own a virtual space

Sync and sell your products created in Ucraft

Create avatars, manage your business on a 3D platform

Sync your AI Assistant Hoory

Choose from the variety of ready-made spaces: Office Space, Art Gallery and NFT Gallery

Create events and invite people to your space

Elevate your marketing efforts and enhance sales

Get your custom space on FastexVerse

You can request custom rooms, the price starts from $1,990 for one time payment.

Request Custom Room

Fastexverse Space

In Fastexverse, you can easily claim your personalized virtual space for business. Choose from pre-designed or custom spaces with just a few clicks.

Showcase products, host events, and express your business aspirations in this virtual environment!

You can seamlessly integrate your Fastexverse space with Ucraft website and AI Assistant Hoory for the best virtual experience.