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AI-powered support assistant

Automate your customer support processes via AI that manages customer requests at scale

Harness the power of

AI-Powered answers

Elevate your customer experience with our trainable, customizable AI assistant, Hoory. Just give it comprehensive details about your business, and Hoory can streamline your routine inquiries to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction, 24/7.

Simplify with an

Omni-Channel Inbox

Refine your communication process with the omni-channel inbox, which consolidates all messages, inquiries, tickets, and more into a single user-friendly interface. Stay connected and monitor all conversations from a holistic perspective.

Broaden your scope with

Multilingual Support

Engage with your customers around the globe with over 100 languages supported system-wide, even in a single conversation. Our multilingual support can broaden your customer service reach and eliminate frustration when resolving issues.

Refine and streamline your

Workflow Management

Optimize your support operations by automating your existing workflows. Use automated rulesets and macros to create customized action sequences that can be executed with a simple click.

Know your business better with

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior with Hoory’s comprehensive reports. Track team performance and unlock potent strategies to enhance the efficiency of your support team, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Revolutionize Customer Support with Hoory's Intelligent Solutions

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Seamless customer interactions

Hoory revolutionizes customer communications by ensuring a flawless 24/7 experience with zero delays. It can address common challenges, interactions, frequently asked questions, and more, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

Boost your business, not your costs

Hoory empowers businesses to establish an unparalleled customer service system with both process and cost efficiency. It streamlines processes, providing a solution to customer service frustrations.

Support your customer support

Hoory goes beyond customer support by enhancing the experience for support agents through seamless communication facilitated by its shared inbox feature, promoting collaboration and efficiency among team members.

Tomorrow’s customer support, today

Hoory opens a gateway to the future of customer service, leveraging conversational and generative AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. It learns as it helps, for a truly engaging support experience.

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Experience the future of support


Reduce your support expenses by almost 40% with our affordable AI assistant that helps optimize operational costs and resource allocation.


Increase agent efficiency by almost 50% with automated assistant processes. Hoory helps your support team avoid pitfalls and stay productive.


Watching your user support satisfaction rates soar by over 60% as Hoory delivers prompt and personalized responses to your loyal customer base.

Hoory is the answer to all your customer support problems.

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