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December 25, 2023

How ArLeAM's Digital Transformation Streamlined their eCommerce and Expanded into the Metaverse

Davit Pashinian
Content Writer

The digital landscape in the food and beverage sector is rapidly evolving. ArLeAM needed to adapt to changing customer behaviors and needs!

Significant Achievements


  • Enjoyed a cost-effective and streamlined implementation with Dream Factory.
  • Improved online storefront appearance and functionality with Ucraft Next.
  • Expanded into the FastexVerse Metaverse to offer virtual shopping experiences.
  • Improved customer support and interaction with Hoory AI chatbot.



The Business


ArLeAM is a known presence in the food and beverage industry with an online storefront and numerous, quality products. Because their business model is effective, they sought to improve and advance their customer experience, leading them to find the Dream Factory package.


Through this enterprise-level eCommerce and AI package, they sought to set themselves apart from other industry players. This initiative was crucial to maintain competitiveness and expand its market reach.



The Challenge


  • Upgrading online store operations.
  • Improving customer support efficiency.
  • Establishing a virtual presence in the Metaverse.
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness and streamlined service integration.


The digital landscape in the food and beverage sector is rapidly evolving. ArLeAM needed to adapt to changing customer behaviors and needs while offering a seamless online shopping experience, and setting itself apart in an industry that is often oversaturated.



The Solution


ArLeAM’s integrated the Dream Factory which includes Ucraft Next, FastexVerse, and Hoory. This all-in-one solution proved pivotal to ArLeAM's digital strategy transformation.


  • Ucraft Next: Revamped ArLeAM's digital storefront, making it more user-friendly and efficient in product management, payment integration, and providing shipping options.


  • FastexVerse: Enabled ArLeAM to establish a virtual 3D store in the Metaverse to offer customers an new immersive shopping experience.


  • Hoory: Introduced an AI customer support chatbot to enhance customer support capabilities and response times with 24/7 availability and personalized engagement.



The Impact


ArLeAM's adoption of the Dream Factory package led to significant improvements in its digital operations. The company successfully expanded its market reach, enhanced their user experience, and entered an innovative marketspace, at a cost-effective price.


This integration is especially important as digital innovation is a means to stand out in the modern business landscape.