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December 25, 2023

Streamlining Education in Armenia with Dasaran, Koreez, and the Dream Factory

Davit Pashinian
Content Writer

Understanding Educational Challenges

Dasaran and Koreez: Understanding Educational Challenges


In 2009, Dasaran began as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organization in Armenia, aimed at improving the Cacucasean country’s educational system. Since then, they have made inroads nationwide, slowly being integrated into the Armenia public education system and connecting schools to a unified platform. Koreez, a product of Dasaran's expertise, was established in 2020 with a mission to create joyful educational events using gamified education to engage students across various age groups.


Both products were created while Armenia's educational system was facing significant challenges, including the need for increased transparency in schools, equal access to education, and fresh methods for engaging multi-age student bodies. Dasaran and Koreez Founder Suren Aloyan recognized these challenges and sought a solution that would enhance educational quality and align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for quality education and innovation.



The Solution: The Dream Factory 


Aloyan decided on the Dream Factory, which included three services that have since helped foster improvement in both Dasaran and Koreez. By integrating the Ucraft Next site builder, Hoory AI-assistant, and FastexVerse Metaverse portal, the organizations have managed to improve their educational offering experience in several key ways.


Better Classroom Efficiency: Hoory has helped simplify administrative tasks and classroom management to maximize learning in each class session.


Immersive Learning Environment: FastexVerse provides dedicated Metaverse classrooms, facilitating immersive and interactive learning experiences and ensuring continuity in education regardless of real-world disruptions.


Accessible Web Development: Ucraft Next allows Dasaran and Koreez to provide AI-powered website design tools and an eCommerce-focused web builder to their schools. Using these instruments, students and teachers can create and collaborate digitally, extending the learning environment beyond traditional classrooms.



Impacting Education in Armenia


The introduction of Dream Factory marked has elevated Koreez and Dasaran's efforts to improve the educational experience for:


For Teachers: Dream Factory provides tools for efficient class management, enabling a focus on teaching rather than administrative tasks. It facilitates remote learning and enhances student engagement through interactive and immersive digital platforms.


For Students: Dream Factory offers a more engaging and personalized learning experience, fostering creativity, collaboration, and independent learning with innovative technology.


For the Education System: Dream Factory fills gaps in learning accessibility, ensuring that every student, regardless of location or background, has equal access to quality education and resources.



Conclusion: A Big Step Forward


Aloyan’s successful implementation of Dream Factory by Suren Aloyan has set a model for educational advancement. It has shown how technology and creative thinking can transform the educational experience, making it more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. The impact of this initiative is yet to be evaluated, but students and teachers are reportedly taking to the systems with interest and enthusiasm. The integration of Dream Factory represents a step forward for Armenian educational initiatives, and the future of young people around the world.